Sunday, May 1, 2011

Take Five..or make it Ten. Who's counting?

I think I must need a break. I didn't know I needed one. I got busy and I took one, quite on accident. But it felt so liberating. I haven't blogged, or facebooked, or tweeted for a bit more than a week. Instead, I've rollerskated, scootered, jogged, shot a few free throws, and played tennis with two little people that are getting rather big while I've had my nose in the computer. I've written a couple of letters (real paper and pen letters) and read more than a few books (current obsession-Emerson's essays). I've graded term papers and written letters or recommendation for several of my stellar students. (Here's hoping they get into grad school-they all deserve it.) I got caught up in the beauty and sweetness of the Royal Wedding. I've done the NYT crossword puzzle every day, and get this-my Quiet Man has done it with me with his own copy. That hasn't happened since we were dating, so you know, Kate and William don't have the monopoly on burnin' love, baby. (By the way, I can still smoke him on crossword puzzles,and he can still smoke me on pretty much everything else in the world, so not much has changed with 16 years of matrimony.) I called my sister Leslie three times this week. That's a record. I shed a suprising amount of tears when the Office said good-bye to Michael Scott. What a great boss he turned out to be, as Jim mentioned. And I mopped, dusted, and pretty much sanitized my house. The closets are next. I'm after you, hoardish, gypsy, cluttery clutter. You can run but you can't hide.This has turned out to be a pretty good break.
I didn't mean to take a break at first. But now it is quite intentional. I'm rather enjoying myself. Thanks for your email. I'll be back after my break.
PS There's plenty of good cookin' in the archives in the meantime. Dig right in and help yourselves.


Tightwad Mom said...

Enjoy your break! It's amazing how busy life can get. Take a few deep breathes for me too, please!

gag7949 said...

Missed you at the National Cornbread Cook-Off this weekend. Hope you can join us again next year!

Tracy said...

Good for you! Enjoy your time off.

Sassy said...

Enjoy your break!

Seth and Julie said...

I hear you! Enjoy your break and know we'll be happy to have you back whenever coming back feels good again.

gigi said...

Good for you! Enjoy your spring!

The Japanese Redneck said...

Everybody needs them.

Michal said...

everyone is so kind and supportive. here's what i say: NO BREAK!:) yes, you deserve it. yes, i understand--i've been on a mostly-break for almost two years. but how will i get my prudy fix? i NEED to know what is going on with you on an almost daily basis. this is all about ME, isn't it? maybe you could just spend five minutes a day on facebook? maybe i'll have to actually call you to catch up!
i completely understand needing a break. blogging can take over your life. but you need to know that you are already missed.

Signs and Salvage said...

YAY!! Good for you!!!! Enjoy the rest of your break!! I took a break during Easter Break with the kids...took some extra time off...was just "present" with them. I rediscovered something...I do'nt JUST LOVE & Adore my kids...I really LIKE them too!! So much...that my hubby & I decided that I need to quit my job for the summer!! Kind of scary...but who needs money anyway...right???

Happy Monday to you!!


Leslie said...

Could you call me four times this week so we can break our record? I hope one of those paper and pen letters are for me. Could you go back on a mission so we could write to each other religiously like we used to.
I'm happy you took a break from your breakneck work schedule. You're putting all of us to shame, you know. It's time for you to schlepp and slum with the rest of us.

qwanty said...


Michael Klunker said...

Hi Erin, Its the Klunkers. It's a Boy!!! Take a long break and relax, you deserve it!!!

The Blonde Duck said...

Hi Prudy! I'm having a writing contest for both adults and kids. I'd love for you and Sailor to enter.

gigi said...

Okay, time to come back now :-)

Crystal Cook said...

I'm glad I found you. You dishes seems so delicious and your writing is so fun. I look forward to more.

Dorothy said...

I just found your blog while googling to find out if one can in fact, put chocolate pudding in an ice cream maker. Enjoy your break!

Rebecca Christianson said...

OK, I promised to wait a month before pleading with you to come back. Please come back! I always read your blog during my lunch break. I hope you're enjoying the sunshine and the time off. More rain here tomorrow. Bleh!

nella said...

Boo hoo. I was hoping June would bring you back. I absolutely love your recipes and hope you aren't gone for good.

Emily said...

Come back!! We need you.

fnfkathy said...

Love your style of humor that gets the point across. We all need to take a break.

Jullee said...

I miss you.

Bill Bird said...

This is some break! But -- it happens I suppose. Life changes. Priorities change. If the blog becomes too consuming -- it's time to put the crack pipe down and step away. My wife referred to herself as a "Blog Widow" once. Kinda opened my eyes. I also know that blogs flame out after awhile -- even the good blogs. I have one example where the blogger in question gained her fame through a series of postings of cake and cupcake recipes. Then she decided that gluten and sugar were bad for her, announced it on her page, and said "so long kids!"

It just happens to the best of us. As much as you don't like it? It just might have happened to Prudy too. That's the thing about blogs. Here today -- gone tomorrow.

Mom24 said...

I miss you!!!

Nana said...

Please! We're all counting now! I miss you and your family and your great recipes.532,612. 532,613. 532,614. 532,615....

Shelley said...

I promised myself I would not bug you...but I finally have to give in. I am tired of the daily disappointment when I check your blog to are still on break. I have re-made so many of your recipes, and love them all, but need to be inspired to try new ones that I know have been tested by you! I miss you and all your family updates! Lynn celebrated her 17th birthday yesterday, and what was her cake request? Texas sheet cake! Hugs...and we're all 'counting'!!!

Krista Cook said...

Are you seriously gone. Miss your blog!

The Blonde Duck said...

Come back soon!

Lamchops said...

Looks to me like WE are ALL COUNTING. Counting on you enjoying your break enough that you will come back soon!? Refreshed & ready to supply us with more great, tried & true recipes. Love your blog & hope you are enjoying avery minute of your "break".

Anonymous said...

I miss your blog...hope all is well

Anonymous said...

Miss you, too. But whatever you do, don't miss your kids growin' up.

Anonymous said...

k prudence STOP taking a break, we miss you girl

Anonymous said...

I hope you are having a great break! If you decide not to continue your blog, PLEASE don't delete it! I need to go through it and get all the recipes I want first. PLEASE let us know before you take it off if you do!!

Morris Family said...

I miss you! Are you ever coming back?

crabigail adams said...

Missing you, Prudy! Are the kids back in school? We're going through a financial retrenchment -- I need you now! Come back. Lassie! Come back!

Jenni said...

hmmm..... I guess I was counting! When are you coming back?

Scootergirl said...

Are you coming back? Are you okay? A few of us keep popping in here, you know!!

Adrienne said...

Oh Come least post the caramel granola recipe? please? pretty please? It's Autumn, and caramel granola sounds about as perfect as you can get.

Teeny said...

You are missed!

Swan said...

I'm kinda hoping that fall and chilly weather will lure you back with all the wonderful things you are cooking. I've missed your blog.

BossyGirl said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
BossyGirl said...

Well, crap. I've just FOUND your blog and I'm distressed that it's still on hiatus.

This is not a good thing.

StephenC said...

I found you via Mary of One Perfect Bite.
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Allison said...

I am missing your cookie bookie week. I just searched through your blog looking for you overnight french toast recipe. Since the search engine is REALLY bad I got to really explore your site again. In the end I decided not to make the french toast, because I don't have left over french bread, I have a lot of leftover hamburger buns, but I have about 7 other recipes that I want to make in the near future. You have talent! So many fun and yummy blog posts. Start again when you can, or write a cookbook!

Super Kimmie said...

Miss you and all your wonderful recipes...come back soon!

Nicola said...

I miss you and your wonderful recipes..please say that one day you'll come back! Pretty please? Hope you and your family are well x

Liz said...

I just pinned all my favorite Prudy recipes today to Pinterest. :) I'm ready for your break to be over!

Emily said...

I'm counting, Prudy! I am! *dramatic sob*

Please come back soon! I never know what to make for dinner anymore since you're not here to give me new ideas!

Erin said...

Prudy, where are you???? Please come back :)

Amber said...

We're starting to worry - hope everything's OK.

Anonymous said...

The "worrying" is making the rounds..... Come back long enough to tell us all is well, PLEASE!!!!! WE MISS YOU!!!!!

Lisa Montalva said...

Great site PP. Being a fellow recipe creator, I love to read other women's trials and tribulations. Love the pictures. Keep up the good work!

Lisa Montava aka The Gourmet Mom at

Julius said...

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edith said...

Hi mrs mylorie :-)
Hope u n ur family have a great time. Sailor is so big now. Last picture I ever seen she was still a lil baby. Miss u

Prudy said...

Edith! I miss you, my little first grade angel! I need to get your email again. I will be in CA this summer and I would so much love to see you!

edith said...

its :-)
Omg really I'm goin to try to go to california this summer as well. I live in texas now. If u go to cali plz let me know n ill go the around the same so we can meet up

edith said...

its :-)
Omg really I'm goin to try to go to california this summer as well. I live in texas now. If u go to cali plz let me know n ill go the around the same so we can meet up

Aggie said...

Totally random, but you/your blog popped up in a dream last night! Lol! I had to come check if you were back at it! Have no idea what this means! :)

Hope you and the fam are well. I do miss reading your posts but I completely understand! I think of breaks often. :)

Hope you're having a great summer!

Carters said...

Just found your blog through Pinterest. Stumbled upon your sweet potato posts. Did you ever post your coconut chicken curry recipe?

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HG said...

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